Lessons learnt: share your best, fight your doubts

Lessons learnt: share your best, fight your doubts

The Spanish PROMINENT MED team has the challenge of refurbishing an old storage building in Alzira, València (Magatzem de Cucó, C/ La Pau 28, 46600, Alzira) in an energy efficient manner.

Prominent MED

Every single taskforce is usually composed by different persons who have different background, is used to different procedures and probably understand the challenge in a different expectation framework. Even more, when different partners come into the procurement, no matter if they are external or internal (i.e. staff form different departments), the challenge becomes even harder.

Therefore, internal communication channels, tools and procedures have to be agreed and frequently used in order to share the best of every person, and fight the doubts into the teamwork to find common solutions. Only if the challenge is common, the internal credibility for the group will be mirrored into the external credibility for the market, so the opportunities of success are empowered.

Remind it: Share your best, fight your doubts.