From outcome-oriented needs to key performance indicators, a core action to boost innovation in companies

From outcome-oriented needs to key performance indicators, a core action to boost innovation in companies

The Spanish PROMINENT MED team had the challenge of refurbishing an old storage building in Alzira, València (Magatzem de Cucó, C/ La Pau 28, 46600, Alzira) in an energy efficient manner.

Prominent MED

The needs analysis revealed that the building was going to be the future youth municipal house and therefore it was planned to be diaphanous, acoustically-insulated, and thermally comfortable and energy efficient. This needs were initially transformed into the following outcome-oriented requirements:

· Maximize the use of natural light;
· Minimize heat gains in summer, to avoid overheating in summer and take advantage of solar gains in winter;
· Minimize heat losses;
· Provide ventilation (either by opening windows, or by integrated ventilation system);
· Soundproofing (Acoustic insulation);
· Ensure the quality of the assembly with the opaque envelope;
· Easy maintenance and cleaning;
· Sustainable product, guarantee to minimize waste, use of sustainable materials, consider the life cycle of the installation;
· Provide security against vandalism.

In a step forward, these outcome-oriented needs were transformed into criteria for the public procurement of the supply and installation of windows, bearing in mind three main leading cornerstones for their definition:

· The prize of acquisition of the supply shall not be the main economic criteria. On the contrary, the economic cost of the operation has to take into account the whole life cycle of the material, as a specific way to reward sustainability;
· Innovation is a must. Innovation should be considered in terms of how materials and processes respond to specific items by outstanding products in the backstage of companies (i.e., products or processes that are not yet in the market or just available in short numbers), or by the holistic combination of different products to offer a tailored and balanced solution for the specific needs;
· Energy efficiency is the technical approach. Therefore, specific tools must be provided to the companies to test the performance of their products, and be further compared under the same technical reference.

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