An overview on the criteria of public procurement

An overview on the criteria of public procurement

The Spanish PROMINENT MED team had the challenge of refurbishing an old storage building in Alzira, València (Magatzem de Cucó, C/ La Pau 28, 46600, Alzira) in an energy efficient manner.

Prominent MED

The needs analysis revealed that the building was going to be the future youth municipal house and therefore it was planned to be diaphanous, acoustically-insulated, and thermally comfortable and energy efficient.

The key cornerstones were to reduce the weight of the prize of acquisition of the supply, the consideration of innovation throughout the whole definition of criteria, and the evaluation of energy efficiency and sustainability as technical requirements.

The public procurement, available at , considered the following criteria:

1) Criteria quantifiable by mathematical formulae (55%)

·       Reduction of heating and cooling losses related to the thermal performance of windows

·       Guaranty of the materials

·       Life-cycle cost

2) Criteria quantifiable by value judgment (45%)

·       Technical quality to respond to the requirements of cooling strategies, lightning, acoustic insulation and environmental impact.

·       Innovation character of the proposal


Have you seen where the prize of acquisition is? Exactly, inside the “Life-cycle cost”. But there are 4 items inside this concept. We’ll tell you in next posts!