Why & How

Prominent PLUS aims to successfully transfer experiences and knowledge developed in the frame of Prominent MED project (acronym of Public pROcureMent of INnovation boosting greEN growTh in MED area) and tested in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Croatia to new MED countries (Slovenia, Greece and Bosnia & Herzogovina) and regions with the goal to increase the involvement of innovative SME's and start-ups (through transnational innovative clusters) in public procurements using Innovation Procurement, such as Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI).

Prominent PLUS transferring process, based on a peer-to-peer process, will build on the outputs and methodologies developed in the former Prominent MED project and will be simultaneously focused both on demand and supply side to increase the mutual activity and interest of key sectors, which will create opportunities for business growth.

Prominent MED idea focused on the use of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) procedure in order to stimulate the development of innovative technology systems and solutions in the field of energy efficiency and their market uptake.

One of the main results of Prominent MED project was the implementation of an innovation procurement process for energy refurbishment of one building owned by a small municipality of Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain. For the purpose of developing the four case studies, a set of documents such as guides, methodologies and outputs were performed to properly conduct the PPI procedures phases.

Know-how transfer process will be conducted among organizations of similar profile: municipality of Narni transfers to the municipality of Tuzla and BIT Centre, Consorci de la Ribera transfers to the Union of Municipalities of Western Macedonia and CERTH, and the Regional Energy Agency North transfers to Goriska Local Energy Agency and Construction Cluster of Slovenia.