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10 partners from 6 countries (Croatia, Italy, Spain such as knowledge ‘givers’ and Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece and Slovenia with the role of ‘receivers’) committed themselves to work together with the objective of either improving the competitiveness of SMEs and the quality of public services by means of innovation procurement procedures promotion.


Sviluppumbria - Società Regionale per lo sviluppo economico dell’Umbria

Sviluppumbria is the multifunction regional development agency that supports Umbria's competitiveness and economic growth in acoordance with regional planning policy. The agency implements actions to create businesses, help them grown, innovate and enter international markets. It also manages regional real estate assets and serves as the tourism board.

In Prominent Med, Sviluppumbria worked with the Municipality of Narni to apply innovative solutions for seismic adaptation, energy saving and improvement of the teaching environment in a nursery school. In Prominent Med Plus, Sviluppmbria will support Narni in transferring its know-how, outputs and deliverables to the Municipality of Tuzla and BIT Centre.

Narni is an Italian municipality of 19,169 inhabitants in the southern Umbria, rich in history and natural beauty. At an altitude of 240 m (787 ft), it overhangs a narrow gorge of the Nera River in the province of Terni.

Like many of the smaller towns of Umbria, Narni is still of strikingly medieval appearance today, with stone buildings, and narrow cobblestone streets.

Within Prominent MED project framework, the Municipality of Narni tested Public Procurement for Innovation for the energy refurbishment of Gianni Rodari Kindergarten.

The works implemented  were the redevelopment of the internal environments of the school building, from a thermo acoustic, aesthetic and functional point of view, through the recovery and conservative

restoration of the internal walls, applying panels that guarantee adequate thermal and acoustic insulation and were combined with the aesthetic and sensorial qualities of the finishes in order to guarantee positive pedagogical effects for children users.

The Municipality of Narni as Lead Partner within the project Prominent MED PLUS will lead the process of transferability of the Prominent Med experience to other MED countries (Greece, Slovenia, Bosnia) not included in the previous project proposal.


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City of Tuzla

The City of Tuzla is an administrative, economic, cultural and educational center of the Tuzla Canton and North-East B&H, where the population reached 1.000.000. Total estimated number of citizens in Tuzla is 110.400. It is also university center with 13 faculties and offers a wide range of scientific disciplines and academic titles (graduate, master and doctoral degrees) to around 18.000 students currently studying in Tuzla. Due to rich salt and coal deposits, Tuzla represents the very center of the chemical industry and energetics. Over the past several decades, major developments occurred in the mechanical engineering, metal, metal processing, electric, construction, footwear, textiles and food processing industry.

The economy of the city of Tuzla is made up of 3,000 companies and over 3,500 independent entrepreneurs, traders, artisans and caterers. City Administration places special emphasis on the development of new areas that represent a paradigm for future development, such as tourism, ICT, pharmaceutical industry, creative industries, environmentally friendly energy sources, energy efficiency and the development of entrepreneurial infrastructure (business incubation centers and technology parks).

Within Prominent MED project framework, the City of Tuzla will plan to renovate one public facility, in line with the innovative approach of public procurement. it is a social facility, in which the services of the city administration offices are provided to citizens. The positive impact is the increase in the quality of public infrastructure and services, as well as through the reduction of future management and maintenance costs.

Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas

The Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH) is one of the leading research centres in Greece and listed among the TOP-20 EU institutions with the highest participation in competitive research grants.

CERTH has important scientific and technological achievements in many areas including: Energy, Environment, Industry, Mechatronics, Information & Communication, Transportation & Sustainable Mobility, Health, Agro-biotechnology, Smart farming, Safety & Security, as well as several cross-disciplinary scientific areas.

Today CERTH includes five institutes dedicated to the aforementioned major fields of research. One of these institutes is the Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute (CPERI), which is focused on the development of environmental technologies for the reduction of CO2 emissions in Industry, the utilization of green alternative fuels – mainly biofuels, the optimization of production procedures, energy saving and storage, circular economy, industrial symbiosis and the development of smart networks in autonomous energy systems.

CERTH has a notable network of collaborations with industries, large companies, SMEs and organizations on national and international level. Due to this fact, CERTH’s role in the project Prominent MED Plus is to lead the activity regarding the evaluation of institutional and territorial needs in the countries Greece, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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CCS (SLOVENSKI GRADBENI GROZD), established in 2004, is an innovation cluster with a strong focus on the circular economy in the construction sector. CCS offers companies and organizations in the construction sector the opportunity to work together to contribute jointly to the implementation of the circular economy principles in the construction and construction sector while contributing to the achievement of climate and sustainable development goals in Slovenia and beyond. Our goal is for Slovenia to become recognized as a leader in the transition to circular construction and construction.

The mission of the Construction Cluster of Slovenia is to lead the transformation of construction sector to become innovative, competitive, and responsible in delivering circular and sustainable buildings and infrastructure, creating build environment which is energy and resource efficient, with less impact on environment, with high value for users and society, and to become attractive for employment and careers.

CCS provides or channels specialized and customized business support services to members, mainly SMEs, but also to other stakeholders in the construction value chain. CCS`s services support commercial cooperation and networking, R&D, transfer of technologies and innovation, training, international collaboration and internationalization. We help our members to adopt new skills, technologies, solutions, and innovate possible new business models to increase competitiveness in addressing circular economy and other challenges of actual economic development and changes.

CCS is a member of the European Construction Technology Platform and of the E2B association (Energy Efficient Buildings), founder of ECCA (European Circular Construction Alliance) and national supporting member of the Renovate Europe campaign. In 2020, CCS started an initiative to set-up International Circular Construction Cluster (ICCC,, ), a meta cluster to support intenational collaboration in transition to circularity in construction.

Consorci de la Ribera

The Consorci de la Ribera is a Spanish public entity created by an association of two counties placed in the Region of Valencia (County Ribera Alta and County of Ribera Baixa) which is made up of 47 municipalities and more than 300,000 inhabitants.

Within Prominent MED project framework, Consorci de la Ribera drove public procurement of innovation adoption of the city of Alzira and, a pilot intervention that consist on the energy efficiency refurbishment of "Magatzem de Cucó" municipal building , managing to execute innovative exterior carpentry solutions for the facade of the building with the aim of reducing energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

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Consorci de la Ribera role within Prominent MED PLUS project is to transfer know-how acquired to Regional association of local government of Western Macedonia (Greece).

BIT Centar - Business Innovation and Technology.

BIT Centar was established in 2005, to support and develop ICT SMEs and to manage Seed Capital Fund (SCF). BIT’s mission is generation of IT business, IT job generation business support, market linkages, and creation of an encouraging environment. The main goal of BIT is to provide opportunities to young prospective experts and entrepreneurs to start and develop their Businesses. Individuals with an idea or a project, young established companies or well-established companies willing to expand their markets use  BIT Centar services. For those purposes BIT developed several main services and programs, which include support to SMEs, trainings (IT and soft skills), SCF and cooperation with the University of Tuzla in R&D areas. Since its establishment, BIT has assisted in the creation of more than 700 jobs for people educated at the university level. There are 22 companies in BIT today, and more 50 companies left the Centre. BIT Center has relevant experience with project design, management and implementation which helped in building the whole environment for entrepreneurs and ICT companies in Tuzla.BIT Center is a EEN partner member. 

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BIT Centar role within Prominent Plus project is to receive knowledge form Municipality of Narni regarding PPI.

Regional Energy Agency North

Regional Energy Agency North is a not-for-profit public institution located in the North of Croatia, established in 2009 within the Intelligent Energy Europe program, founded by three cities - Varaždin, Koprivnica, and Virovitica.

As partners to local and regional governments, institutions, the public sector, small and medium-sized enterprises, citizens, and other interested stakeholders, the Agency is successfully providing professional support in the implementation of ambitious sustainable development plans since the year 2009.

Within Prominent MED project REA North and the City of Koprivnica developed and conducted first public procurement of innovation process in the Republic of Croatia. The process resulted with an innovative, extensive, internal and external energy refurbishment and functional transformation of a 35-year-old prefabricated wooden kindergarten.

This project was awarded twice, once on a national level for the reconstruction of the year 2019 and the second time on EU level, earning the project the Procura+ Award 2020 for the excellence of the innovation procurement.

Regional Association of Local Government of Western Macedonia

The Regional Association of Local Governments of the Region of Western Macedonia (LGA-WM) is a recently renamed and re-established legal institution following the latest administrative reform in Greece in 2011 (Kallikratis, Act 3852/2010). LGA-WM represents 13 municipalities of the Western Macedonia Region covering a population of approximately 300.000 inhabitants. Its main role is to support and represent the municipalities of the Region for better organization, coordination, management and exploitation of their resources.

LGA-WM mission is to support and represent the municipalities of the Region for local & regional organization, coordination, management and exploitation of their resources. More precisely, LGA-WM takes actions for: the promotion of collaboration & networking among the local governments within the Region of Western Macedonia; the conduction of research for regional & local development purposes; the implementation of Information Society projects; the coordination of cooperation projects among the municipalities for social cohesion; the implementation of training programmes; the legislative and institutional support; the launching of various initiatives towards the improvement of citizens' living standards; implementation of actions for environmental sustainability; the providing of information and support in legislative and institutional issues to elected representatives and municipal staff.

Apart from the fact that LGA-WM has a direct impact on local policies concerning EU measures, LGA-WM has the capacity to reflect on national policies. Its membership in the National Association of Municipalities creates synergies potential and links LGA-WM with local communities beyond the Western Macedonia region. LGA-WM is capable of transferring successful policies and translating results into strategies in both national and local level. Despite its recent foundation, LGA-WM includes experienced staff in terms of managing international partnerships and in terms of applying new concepts and new project ideas to regional authorities. The majority of the senior staff in the organization has experience in managing and implementing international projects, where the organisation had assumed the role of both project partner and project leader  

GOLEA - Gorirška Local Energy Agency

The mission of GOLEA Agency which was established in 2006 is the acceleration of adoption of practices and technologies with a view to achieving regional energy self-sufficiency.

GOLEA offers its business partners a comprehensive and qualitative support in actions for increasing the energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources as well as in the implementation of awareness campaigns within Primorska municipalities. It obtained project »ELENA - technical assistance« where 33 municipalities were involved. In the field of pubic procurement it has a lot of experience, especially with PPP projects.

Through cooperation that was established with local and national institutions in the energy field GOLEA is significantly contributing to the development of energy self-sufficiency strategies. It has developed into an indispensable institution within its environment.